Acuity advises semiconductor tools business Capres A/S on their strategic sale to KLA Corporation

By on März 17, 2019

US semiconductor capital equipment company KLA, has announced the acquisition of Capres A/S, a leading Danish technology company.

Capres A/S is a nanotechnology based company focused on the semiconductor industry. Capres A/S uses a unique probe technology to shorten product development cycles and monitor chip production. Capres’ technology is designed for in-line production monitoring in the semiconductor industry where their fully automated tools for mass production are used at many of the leading computer chip companies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Capres’ tool allows customers to characterise Magnetic Tunnel Junction stacks in a few minutes. It is the preferred tool for companies working with MTJ stacks as they are used in MRAM, STTRAM, magnetic sensors, and Read Heads.

Capres has been backed by two Scandinavian Venture Capital companies: SEB in Sweden and Maj Invest in Copenhagen.

Matthew Byatt, Partner at Acuity Advisors, said: “This is another successful semiconductor company sale to a strategic acquirer which reinforces Acuity’s position as the most successful mid-market sell side advisor in the semi industry. It was a pleasure working with the Capres team and it is fantastic to help them realise the value of their highly innovative and unique nanotechnology. The commercial traction they have in both MRAM and sheet resistance is testament to their engineering excellence and deep domain expertise. With this competitive advantage, I am confident that they will have a very bright future under KLA’s ownership”


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