Adents raises €12M in one of the french software industry’s most important rounds of funding for 2016

By on Juli 5, 2016

Target: Adents

Dealtype: venture

Country: france

Branch: software & it

Buyer: NAXICAP Partners, Omnes Capital, CapHorn Invest

Seller: –

Transaction: Adents, the serialization and traceability software specialist, recently finalized a round of funding of 12 million euros, bringing to 20 million euros the total amount invested in the company over the last 18 months. This increase in capital was signed by Adents’ long time investors NAXICAP Partners, Omnes Capital and CapHorn Invest. The new funding will primarily support the further development of a global network of « solution partners » and gaining footholds in new international markets. – …

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