Carey Olsen berät ECM Equity Capital Management bei Fundraising

By on Juli 23, 2012

Offshore law firm Carey Olsen has advised German private equity firm ECM Equity Capital Management on the launch of its new fund German Equity Partners IV („GEP IV“). The fund raised a total of €230m in its final closing this month exceeding its €200m target.
The fund utilised an innovative structure that provided flexibility for investors in selecting the appropriate investment vehicle through which to make their investments. Carey Olsen advised on Guernsey law related aspects.
ECM Equity Capital Management GmbH is an independent investment company based in Frankfurt, Germany.
The team from Carey Olsen included corporate partner, Ben Morgan and senior associate, David Crosland.
Advocate Morgan said: “This was a particularly interesting transaction to be involved with. We are especially pleased to see that the fund did so well, exceeding its target in a challenging climate.”

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