Digital Heartbeat – An exploration of Berlin's Digital Footprint

By on September 20, 2016
Digital Heartbeat – A review of the journey through the digital Berlin
Start Up Your Company

September 7th 2016 – September 9th 2016

Following the initiative „Start Up Your Company“, Lars Härle from IEG – Investment Banking Group and Dr. Thomas Fischer from avantum consult invited a top group of Managing Directors and Chairmen of German traditional enterprises to explore Berlin’s digital footprint.

The 2 days program comprised visits of various startups and digital companies where the attendees could feel the Digital Heartbeat on the spot. The first stop on this digital journey was at McMakler, a young and aspiring company under the leadership of home24-founder Felix Jahn, followed by Smart Mobile Factory and Barzahlen. In between, keynotes and short lectures were held by Stefan Heilmann, who presented the „8 digital trends that change all industries„, Dr. Thomas Fischer, who explained the „Digital Pragmatism“ and Wolfgang Lang, who introduced his company crowdfox as „amazon’s hunter“.

For more information about the Digital Heartbeat tour, please see the Digital Heartbeat website!

Startup Feeling at the Barzahlen Headquarters
On the second day, the Digital Heartbeat tour got a taste of industrial 3D-printing at BigRep and afterwards experienced a very successful symbiotic relationship between Schleicher Electronic, a medium-sized company, and R3 Coms, an IoT-startup for realtime radio communication.

Finally, Dr. Jens Wohltorf presented the success story of Blacklane, a German mobility startup.

The Digital Heartbeat tour will be back in 2017.

BigRep: Printing a Revolution
Digital Heartbeat – The Attendees
From left to right: Dr. David Schüppler (Stroetmann) – Lars Härle (Host, IEG) – Dr. Annette Beller (B. Braun Melsungen) – Herwarth Brune (Manpower) – Dr. Thomas Fischer (Host, avantum) – Frédéric Straß (Sortimo) – Moritz J. Weig (Moritz J. Weig) – Burkhard Eling (DACHSER) – Michael Sinß (avantum) – Klaus Haensch (KARSTADT) – Jochen Fischer (SGB-SMIT Group) – Olaf Bartsch (Miele) – Thomas Wanke (KARSTADT) – Jasmin Bigdon (SBB Cargo) – Frank Schuffelen (ANWR GROUP) – Dr. Andreas Froschmayer (DACHSER)
Digital Heartbeat – A journey through the digital Berlin
IEG (Deutschland) –

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