Edel Group übernimmt Schramm GmbH & Co. KG

By on Januar 23, 2017

Edel Group B.V. (“Edel Group”), producer of artificial grass and carpets, and Schramm GmbH & Co. KG (“Schramm”), producer of yarns for the artificial grass industry, announce that the Edel Group has acquired Schramm as of today. 

The acquisition of Schramm expands the range of services and products that the Edel Group can offer to its business partners in the artificial grass industry. Schramm is to become part of the newly formed contract manufacturing division of the Edel Group, UnitedWorks. Schramm will continue to be managed by Gerhard Schramm and Sylvia Goertz.

“We have been impressed by the innovative yarns that Schramm has brought to market over its long history and the product pipeline going forward. We believe that new products and new applications will continue to drive the growth of our industry. We are thrilled to work closer together to develop new end products using Schramm yarns”, says Wout Bobeldijk, director of the Edel Group and managing director of the UnitedWorks division. 

“We have found a partner in Edel Group that shares our passion to offer the best quality products to enable our business partners to offer great endproducts to their customers. We look forward to working together with the UnitedWorks team.” adds Sylvia Goertz, director of Schramm.

About Edel Group B.V. 
The Edel Group is a manufacturer of artificial grass and carpets based in Genemuiden, the Netherlands. Its Edel Carpets division develops carpet products that are sold throughout Europe under the Edel and Telenzo brands or by leading carpet brands under their label. 
The UnitedWorks division provides products and services to the artificial grass and carpet industry, which includes contract manufacturing (both tufting and backing services) of artificial grass and carpets as well as extrusion and finishing of speciality yarns for the carpet industry. Edel employs approximately 150 people in its various production facilities located in Genemuiden. 

For more information about the Edel Group, visit its website at www.edelgroup.nl 

About Schramm 
Schramm, founded in 1979, produces yarns for the artificial grass industry for both sports as well as landscape and leisure applications in Rahden, Germany. Schramm provides its partners with customized versions of its extensive monofilament RAHDO-SPORT product range, tailored to their specific requirements. Schramm employs approximately 40 people.

For more information about Schramm, visit its website at www.schramm-garne.de 


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