Elasto Müller Kunststoffe übernimmt European Plastic Sealants AG

By on Juli 4, 2012

Elasto Müller Kunststoffe, the TPE division of Hexpol, is pleased to announce they have agreed a deal to take over the business activities of European Plastic Sealants (EPS) based in Sottrum, Germany from 1 July 2012.
EPS is specialised in the development of compounds for caps and closures. Sales are worldwide to a range of closure markets including beverage sealants in crown corks, aluminium and plastic closures. The deal comes after several years of successful cooperation between Müller Kunststoffe and EPS. The business activities, product development and sales will be now be managed by a newly created ‘Caps and Closures’ department within Elasto Müller Kunststoffe. Raymond Exon, CEO at EPS will remain as caps and closures product manager for Elasto Müller Kunststoffe… vollständiger Artikel

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