Fintech Startup IbanFirst erhält €10M

By on Oktober 20, 2016

Fintech company IbanFirst raises €10M to become the new online financial service platform for SMEs called Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS )

  • The vision: unite the best Fintech companies servicing SMEs under one single online platform. With an IbanFirst account, SMEs will be able access a large selection of financial services dedicated to their day to day financial operations. A first in Europe.

Fintech company IbanFirst, a specialist in international payments with real-time exchange rate access, raises €10 Million announcing their next growth phase as well as new innovative online financial services for SMEs, available in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) mode.
With BaaS, IbanFirst can bring together all Fintech companies under one single web platform to provide the day to day financial services an SME would need, without having to go to a bank or being charged extensive costs for it. A new era for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Founded in 2013 by Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier (former Head of Western Europe at Saxo Bank and celebrated French Fintech entrepreneur) under the name FX4Biz, IbanFirst welcomes in this development phase, 2 key new features for entrepreneurs:
– A unique solution to open a corporate online account in minutes. This feature allows a seamless online set-up, reducing time from days to 2 minutes.
– A plugin for the best Fintech services in the world to connect to a single platform and be part of a wide range of services offered to SMEs.
“SMEs are the heart of the economy. IbanFirst is the only platform tailor made to their needs which enables them to have instant access to a payment account and a multi-currency banking infrastructure. They can then receive money and pay their international suppliers in a transparent fees framework”, says Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO and founder of IbanFirst. He adds “with this account they can also access a new ecosystem called ‘Bank-as-a-Service’ (BaaS) which is advantageous for the end-user as it gives them access to all the best fintech services and experts but also frees them from all costs they need to incur when they engage with a bank. We are now really changing the way SMEs are accessing financial services today, as they won’t need a bank anymore.”

Simplicity, transparency, and bespoke tariffs
Regulated and licensed by the Belgium National Bank, with licenses passported across Europe, IbanFirst enables SMEs to access in a few clicks, once they sign up for the Iban account, a complete set of financial services in BaaS mode including credit, international payments and investment services. IbanFirst has already signed partnerships with the Fintech YounitedCredit. In the coming months more services such as invoicing, startup incorporation, and others will be added.

About Ibanfirst
IbanFirst was founded in 2013 by Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, former Saxo Bank CEO and celebrated French Fintech entrepreneur, under the name FX4Biz to make international payments and exchange rates more accessible to SMEs. Launched in October 2016, IbanFirst is the online multi-currency platform in Banking-as-a-Service mode, an alternative to banks. IbanFirst simplifies the day to day financial operations for entrepreneurs with a simple technology at a lower cost than the banks, allowing future world leaders to concentrate on their core business.

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