H.I.G. European Capital Partners übernimmt Monal Holding

By on März 27, 2015

H.I.G. European Capital Partners (“H.I.G.”), the European arm of global private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, announced the acquisition of Monal Group through its Spanish-based portfolio company Tres60 Servicios Audiovisuales (“Tres60”). The acquisition, which will result in the creation of an entity generating sales of nearly 100 million euros, was successfully executed by the French and Spanish offices of H.I.G. Europe, supported by Monal Group’s management team and by its founding shareholder, Denis Auboyer.

Tres60, a leader in providing comprehensive technical services and equipment for audio-visual production, post-production and advertising, broadcasting television channels and live events, is a major player in the Spanish market. The Monal Group offers its customers recognized technical expertise in the areas of image, sound post-production, digital restoration, dubbing, sub-titling, broadcast and video and digital delivery. The Monal Group has an international presence through its Polish and Vietnamese subsidiaries and intends to pursue its international growth alongside Tres60.

The combination with Tres60 and the financial strength of its majority shareholder H.I.G. Europe will enable the creation of a European leader in post-production and digital distribution.

“The combination with Monal is a key milestone in the development plan drawn up by the Tres60 team. It will enable the Group to achieve geographic diversification within the No. 1 audio-visual market in continental Europe. Furthermore, it is part of a market consolidation strategy which we intend to actively pursue,” Jaime Bergel, Managing Director in charge of H.I.G. Spain, explained.

“This transaction showcases H.I.G.’s ability to take action across Europe. Leveraging its expertise in this sector and its five European offices in Paris, Madrid, London, Hamburg and Milan, H.I.G. Europe will be able to accelerate the international growth of the companies across its portfolio,” Olivier Boyadjian, Managing Director in charge of H.I.G. France, affirmed.

About Tres60
Tres60 is a Spanish company based in Madrid, covering the entire audio-visual value chain, including technical production, post-production and broadcasting services. Tres60 is owned by H.I.G. European Capital Partners and employs 548 people, generating consolidated sales of nearly €50 million in 2014.


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