KeBeK Private Equity invests in The Hygienic Solutions Group

The Belgian private equity fund KeBeK has -together with Algimo NV- acquired a majority stake in The Hygienic Solutions Group (HSG), consisting of the companies Polysto, B-Hygienic, Isokonstrukt and Puraco. HSG provides solutions for the complete furnishing of hygienic spaces for companies mainly active in the food processing industries and in the health care industries in order to limit the contamination risk of bacteria.


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The solutions provided by HSG have a number of unique characteristics, such as easy to clean, scratch proof, anti-fungal, water resistant, chemical resistant, and easy to install. Polysto focuses on hygienic wall and door impact protection solutions, including self-developed curbs, as well as plinths, polyethylene strips, bollards and barriers in stainless steel and accessories. The curbs are prefabricated out of a patented material, namely a composite that consists of a mix of mainly quartz and resins. The curbs are commercialized under the CleanRock™ brand name.
B-Hygienic is specialized in the design, assembly and commercialization of sustainable hygienic walls and ceilings, using fiberglass reinforced polyester sheets that are laminated by insulation or cement panels. The unique walls and ceilings of B-Hygienic can be used for both new construction works, as for renovation projects. In addition, B-Hygienic provides the fixing material, the accessories and the tools for installation. Isokonstukt is the installation company of the group and is mainly active in the Benelux. Isokonstrukt is in charge of the complete installation of a hygienic space, using products of both Polysto and B-Hygienic, as well as products of third parties. Puraco is focused on the health care industry, including hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, with dedicated consulting work.

HSG was established in 1991 by Alex Moreels, who is in charge of the daily management together with Nick Van den Bosschelle. In the course of 2021, Alex will withdraw from the operational management and transfer his responsibilities to a new CEO. The group employs 40 persons and is located in Lokeren. HSG operates worldwide and was recently involved in projects in a.o. Jamaica, South Korea, the United States, Russia and Algeria. The group expects to realize a turnover in 2020 of around 15 million EUR.

KeBeK and Algimo are complementary partners that join in order to support the further growth of HGS. Together, they acquire a majority stake. Alex Moreels and the management team remain shareholder.


KeBeK is an independent Belgian private equity fund, that invests in solid, medium-sized companies with a demonstrable potential for further value enhancement. KeBeK actively supports the management teams of its portfolio companies with the implementation of a jointly defined corporate strategy. KeBeK generally acquires controlling stakes, without, however, interfering with the daily operations. KeBeK generally acquires controlling stakes, without, however, interfering with the daily operations. The fund is managed by 4 partners, who have been working together for many years and who have a proven track record in the private equity industry. KeBeK’s capital is provided by renowned institutional investors, family offices, and successful entrepreneurs.