Often, only 15% of prescribers control 50% of pharmaceutical turnover – The road to an ideal sales strategy

By on März 21, 2016


Pharma sales strategies should be based on the correct pharmaceutical data – Novumed Life Science Consulting provides implementation-oriented pharmaceutical sales strategies with it strong partners with their unique coverage of statutory health insurance prescription data in Germany (2/3 coverage).

50% of prescriptions often come from only a few prescribers
Frequently, there are only a few doctors who are responsible for the lion’s share of prescriptions for a specific drug. For instance, Fig. 1 shows an anonymized segmentation of all 4188 German ear-nose-throat (ENT) doctors based on their prescriptions of certain antibiotics. 21 potential classes, each comprising about 200 doctors, were created. This example shows that 25% of sales are made solely by the potential class A which comprises only 5% of German ENT physicians. Likewise, 49% of sales are generated by only 14% of German ENTs.


Fig. 1: Revenue contribution in % by potential classes of ENT doctors (~ 200 doctors per class)

Using sales resources efficiently
Pharmaceutical companies should perform a thorough analysis when introducing new products, defining ideal sales territories or in monitoring the sales representative. The first step is a quantitative market analysis based on reliable pharmaceutical sales data. The second step is a qualitative understanding of underlying reasons for the observed market structure. Third, an implementation-oriented marketing and sales plan should be created, indicating which doctors are to be targeted by the sales representatives (e.g. A, B and C) as well as providing sales representatives with the correct arguments in which to support the prescription process.

Novumed cooperates with strong partners
Novumed offers implementation-oriented sales strategies from a single source. While our partner provides the required pharmaceutical data and tailored statistical models, Novumed researches the underlying rationales and trends that drive the observed market structure and synthesizes key findings into an efficient sales strategy in close cooperation with the client. Founded in 2004, Novumed offers 12 years of experience as an independent strategy consultancy for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, with a focus on market strategy, sales optimization and business development topics.
Novumed’s partner offers nearly 20 years of experience in data-driven pharmaceutical services and is the clear market leader in Germany in this field with a coverage of 65% of the statutory health insurance market.

For more information, visit www.novumed.com or contact info@novumed.com.

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