PFA and ATP join forces in Via Venture Partners fund III

By on Juli 7, 2016

PFA and ATP as equal partners are the investors in the new Via Venture Partners Fund III K/S.

The committed capital of the new Via Venture Partners Fund III is DKK 1 billion following the same structure and size as Via Venture Partners Fund I & II.

The investment strategy will remain unchanged as a multistage private equity firm with primary focus on Northern European software, technology and service companies; i.e. investing both in large companies as Nets, Neas Energy and KMD and small and medium sized growth companies as exampled by the four latest investments: ALL NRG Group, Profit Software, EnviDan and Mansoft.

PFA Pension was founded in 1917 as an independent company and has approximately 1.1 million individual customers from a wide range of the largest companies and organizations in Denmark. PFA has more than DKK 500 billion under management.

ATP founded in 1964 is a mandatory savings scheme with almost five million members and has more than DKK 700 billion under management.

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