Proxyclick, the visitor management tech scale-up, closes €3 million Series A

By on November 20, 2017

Proxyclick announces the closing of its series A funding round of €3 million led by JOIN Capital, a Berlin-based early stage venture capital firm. The visitor management software scale-up is leaving its bootstrapping past behind to step up its efforts to equip millions of front desks with its app. Proxyclick digitizes visitor management for corporations and helps them strike a balance between a smooth welcome and security.
Proxyclick sees the investment as part of its long-term vision to provide companies with integrated, smart experiences that bring together access control, CRM and meeting room management. Proxyclick is also announcing a feature update – the app can now confirm the identity of a guest by scanning their ID card using a face-matching algorithm, a feature sure to give companies peace of mind when they open the gate.

Improving the corporate guest experience
Proxyclick announces the closing of its series A funding round of €3 million led by Join Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Germany. Proxyclick launched the first version of its cloud based visitor management application in 2010, providing companies with simple and friendly software that connects guests with the person they’re visiting.
Visitor management is a major challenge for companies who want to balance security and making their guests feel welcome. Guests are often subjected to frustrating security measures like registering their license plate number or filling in paperwork. With Proxyclick, visitors are added directly from any electronic calendar into the software and the process of welcoming the guest begins. Guests receive an invitation with all the information they need for a meeting and upon arrival they check in using an iPad. Their host will be notified by SMS, email or using one of Proxyclick’s numerous integrations, including Slack and Skype for Business.
Proxyclick’s check-in app makes guest experiences even more seamless by showing employees a photo of what their guest looks like, sending the guest a Wi-Fi code via SMS, and printing out an access badge. Proxyclick will soon be releasing a feature update that scans visitor ID cards to confirm their identity. Using a face-matching algorithm, the feature will give corporations certainty about visitors‘ identity.

An airplane manifest for buildings
Security is a growing concern for companies and they often put in place measures that can create friction for guests. Proxyclick allows parties to connect efficiently and confidently.
Mark Hill, Strategy and Marketing Director at Globeship Sodexo: “Sodexo is digitalizing its front desk operations in order to help its clients improve the way they welcome their visitors, promote better health and safety, and enhance the overall visitor experience. Sodexo and Proxyclick have been working together to achieve this aim on multiple client accounts across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.”
Geoffroy de Cooman, Managing Director says that “In terms of security, Proxyclick operates like a digital airplane manifest for office buildings: you can alert all guests at once via SMS or, in the event of an evacuation, pull up the check-in list to ensure everyone has exited the building. No CEO or facility manager ever wants to be without an answer in the case when a fire brigade asks: are you 100% sure that there is no one left the building?”

Towards an integrated smart experience for guests
Proxyclick sees this investment as a step towards its long-term vision of providing companies with integrated smart experiences that bring together access control, CRM, meeting room management, indoor navigation, parking management and more. This vision is in line with an industry-wide movement to create smart buildings that understand the needs of the people inside them.
Gregory Blondeau, Proxyclick founder and Managing Director: “The long term vision is to make arriving somewhere a frictionless process. The parking facility recognizes your car, the access control is open for you, you enter the elevator to the right floor, you can access the Wi-Fi and indoor navigation takes you to the right meeting room where your favorite drink and your host is waiting for you – everything taken care of in an integrated, smart way. We want every legitimate visitor to feel like a VIP.”
Tobias Schirmer, Partner at JOIN Capital: “Proxyclick is perfectly aligned with JOIN Capital’s focus on European enterprise technology scale-ups with global reach and illustrates some of the exciting things we’re seeing coming out of the property technology (‚PropTech‘) sector. PropTech is helping governments, companies, and people build smarter, more livable buildings and cities. We chose to lead the deal with Proxyclick because we feel it currently offers the best product in a market that is about to experience exponential growth in the coming years.”

About Proxyclick
Proxyclick is a web-based software company that manages your office visitors. Proxyclick has managed close to 10 million visits in more than 50 countries and counts among its users 26 Fortune 500 companies. Some of its most well-known clients include Airbnb, L’Oréal, Danone, Bosch, BASF, Audi, Acer and PepsiCo.
Proxyclick accompanies corporations in their front desk digitization quests, taking into account three key concerns of both companies and individuals: visitor experience, building security and data privacy.
Proxyclick has headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and offices in New York.

About JOIN Capital
JOIN Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in B2B enterprise and industrial software companies from Europe. The JOIN Capital fund focuses on technologies that are shaping the way people work and create things, including enterprise software, big data & business intelligence, artificial intelligence & machine learning and the internet of things. The firm is a partnership between Tobias Schirmer, Sebastian von Ribbentrop and Jan Borgstädt:

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