The 2Q 2018 European Venture Report

By on Juli 19, 2018

Key takeaways:

  • 2Q 2018 saw 660 completed deals representing €4.8 billion of capital invested into European companies. This marks another quarter of declining deal count but higher capital investment. Late-stage deal counts have been the most resilient to the drop, which has helped skew the median deal size higher.
  • The VC-backed initial public offering (IPO) market in the second quarter displayed a great deal of promise, completing 19 public debuts—the most in a quarter since 4Q 2015—that raised €1.6 billion from public market investors.
  • European VCs raised €2.1 billion across 13 funds in 2Q 2018. The proliferation of larger funds has pushed median fund size to €91 million, up from €83 million in 2017. Fund count continues to slide, with the 2Q total marking a 43% decline year-over-year.

Link to the report.

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